Postgraduate Hospital Educational Environment Measure (PHEEM)

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Measuring the postgraduate clinical learning and teaching educational environment for hospital-based junior doctors.

 Please select the appropriate information.

The following items all relate to your surrent SHO or SpR experience. Please read each statement and rate it as it applies to your own feelings about your present position in this hospital. It is about your personal perceptions of the current post.

Please tick the appropriate box
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I have a contract of employment that provides information about hours of work
My clinical teachers set clear expectations
I have protected educational time in this post
I had an infromative induction programme
I have the appropriate level of responsibility in this post
I have good clinical supervision at all times
There is racism in this post
I have to perform inappropriate tasks
There is an informative Junior Doctor handbook
My clinical teachers have good communication skills
I am bleeped inappropraitely
I am able to particiapte actively in educational events
There is sex dicrimination in this post
There are clear clinical protocols in this post
My clinical teachers are enthusiastiic
I have good collaboration with other doctors in my grade
My hours conform to the New Deal
I have the opportunity to provide continuity of care
I have suitability access to careers advice
This hospital has good quality accommodation for junior doctors, especially when on call
Please tick the appropriate box
Survey QuestionsSelect Options
There is access to an educational programme relevant to my needs
I get regular feedback from seniors
My clinical teachers are well organised
I feel physically safe within the hospital environment
There is a no-blame culture in this post
There are adequate catering facilities when I am on call
I have enough clinical learning opportunities for my needs
My clinical teachers have good teaching skills
I feel part of a team working here
I have opportunities to acquire the appropriate practical procedures for my grade
My clinical teachers are accesible
My workload in this job is fine
Senior staff utilize learning opportunities effectively
The training in this post makes me feel ready to be a SpR/Consultant
My clinical teachers have good mentoring skills
I get a lot of enjoyment out of my present job
My clinical teachers encourage me to be an independent learner
There are good counselling opportunities for junior doctors who fail to complete their training satisfactorily
The clinical teachers provide me with good feedback on my strengths and weaknesses
My clinical teachers promote an atmosphere of mutual respect

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