Vacancy: Consultant Gynaecologist (Abuja)

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A specialised clinic in Abuja, FCT is inviting applications from suitably qualified candidates for the position of Consultant Gynaecologist.

Salary Grade: Negotiable based on skills and experience

Contract Type: Permanent

Working Pattern: Full-Time

Abuja, FCT
Job Description: 

Responsible for all Assisted Reproductive services and gynaecological procedures.

Job Requirement/Qualification: 


· Fellow of the West African College of Surgeons (FWACS), Fellow of the Nigerian Medical College of Surgeons (FNMCS)

· Minimum of 2 years post fellowship work experience

· Proficient in computer

· Good knowledge of theatre procedures

· Good knowledge of medical equipment such as scanners etc

· Pro-activeness and alertness

· Teamwork

· Creativity

· Integrity

· Problem Analysis

· Process Improvement

· Good Leadership skills

· High Energy Level

· Good verbal and written communication

· Good leadership and motivational skill

· Honesty

· Customer Orientation

· Attention to details

· Strong organizational skills, confident, friendly & approachable

Job Responsibility: 

· Conducts Initial Consultation and clinical evaluation for new clients and way-forward for returning clients

· Conducts follow-up, pre- and post-treatment visits for clients

· Holds enquiry sessions with potential clients, as well as further enquiry for some others.

· Conducts stimulation folliculometry and determine timing of trigger for clients on treatment

· Prepares and types out medical reports and referral letters for clients including ANC referrals for pregnant clients.

· Conducts first, second and third trimester pregnancy scans.

· Provide medical counselling for clients where needed.

· Prepares and conducts a failed cycle review with clients, also a member of failed cycle review committee

· Conducts post treatment reviews with clients, including post IUI, post aspiration/PGD and cancelled IVF cycles (including those who had no transfers).

· Conducts pre- and post-operative reviews for endoscopy

· Conducts “egg retrieval” procedures after stimulation.

· Conducts Embryo transfers for clients

· Conducts intrauterine insemination procedures.

· Supervises BDU to ensure that the policies and programmes of Nordica are being carried out and pursued.

· Undertakes and supervises presentations of Nordica Brand at both in-centre, out-centre and media programmes

· Coordinate fertility school presentations.

· Conducts minor gynaecological procedures like: Sonohysterogram, endometrial scratching and dummy transfers

· Assists in major endoscopic surgeries

· Ensure regular posts/sharing of articles, opinions and open discussions on social media channels.

· Contributing clinical expertise to patient care and providing guidance.

· Ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations and safety standards.

Method of Application: 

To apply, please complete the form below:



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