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I am Dr.Salami Abdulrahman. I graduated from College of Medicine Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in February, 2017.

I completed my housemanship in Federal Teaching Hospital, GOMBE last year (November, 2018) and awaiting NYSC which probably will come up after general election (May/June).

Thus, I need a job pending the time I shall go for service.

I am also willing to serve with the institution that offers me job if I am pleased with the conditions of the job.


Abuja,Lagos or any other place in the Northern part of Nigeria
Job Description: 

-Full Clerking of patients
-Making diagnosis
-Requesting for appropriate investigations
-Medical emergencies
-Surgical emergencies.
-Basic surgical skills e.g I&D
-Antenatal services
-Gynaecologic emergencies
-Obstetric emergencies
-Paediatric emergencies
-Accident & Emergency

Job Requirement/Qualification: 



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Thank you.